Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

Monday, December 13, 2010

malaysian islands to visit

Weather tip:
The east coast is afflicted with monsoon rain from November to March (some islands may be closed); the West Coast, however, has welcoming weather all year round.

Credit: Tourism Malaysia,, Rachel Lai

1. Pulau Lang Tengah, Terengganu
Are you ready to experience "il dolce far niente" (the sweetness of doing nothing)? Situated between Redang and Perhentian Islands, this is the perfect respite for those seeking isolation. Occupied by only three resorts development, crowd wrestling will be the least of your worries.

Credit: Rachel Lai

2. Pulau Rawa, Johor
Imagine a private island on the South China Sea, a 45-minute boat ride from Mersing, or four hours from Singapore. Secluded and serene, it takes the idea of remoteness to a whole new level. A gorgeous sunset everyday perfects the picture.

Credit: Rachel Lai

3. Pulau Mabul, Borneo
This "baby Sipadan" will definitely inspire you to get your diving license! Its sublime sea and the precious world beneath the surface have garnered the interest of divers and photographers from around the world, seeking for exotic creatures amidst the huge coral reefs.

Credit: Doreen Loo

4. Pulau Tioman, Terengganu
Being the habitat to wildlife and lush greeneries, this is home to environmentalists aiming to conserve Mother Nature. Famous for its turtle watching season, many volunteers reside there to help preserve turtle sanctuaries, for shelter and food in return. What better way to contribute to the environment than on a blissful setting? Join The Juara Turtle Project program, for RM120 per day

Credit: Aina Ghani

5. Pulau Kapas, Terengganu
Six kilometres off Marang Jetty, this snorkeling sanctuary has powder-like sandy beaches. From diving among spectacular coral reefs, to lazing and sunbathing on soft sands, there are infinite ways to savour the island way of life.

Credit: Tourism Malaysia

6. Pulau Sapi, Kota Kinabalu
Walk underwater in an olden day diving suit with the "Borneo Seawalking Company" at a tiny part of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, one of Sabah's five preserved magical isles. Only 15 minutes by boat from the capital city of Kota Kinabalu, it's a great day trip excursion.

Entry fee: RM3 for Malaysians, RM10 for foreigners

Credit: Tourism Malaysia

7. Pulau Tinggi, Johor
One of the as yet to be discovered little gems along the Southern tip of Johor, its tranquility is incomparable. A soaring 600 meters above sea level, it's an hour boat journey from Tanjong Leman Jetty. A visit to any of the three fishing villages on the land will give you a real sense of the local way of life here.


The best places in the world to live

The best places in the world to live

If heaven really was a place on earth, we're betting these 10 places are all slices of that gorgeous pie.

Photo credits: Richard Morrell for Corbis

1. Vienna, Austria
Vienna is one of Europe's most vibrant urban spaces. Few cities in the world slide so effortlessly between the past and the present with Vienna's old-fashioned imperial buildings rubbing shoulders so amicably with the new MuseumsQuartier cultural hub.

Photo credits:

2. Zurich, Switzerland
Synonymous with worldwide banking, Zurich has an economic and cultural importance that belies its unassuming size. Blessed with blissfully clean air, the stunning Lake Zürich and the Altstadt district with its fine boutiques and restaurants, it is little wonder the locals are so contented.

Photo credits:

3. Vancouver, Canada
Surrounded by the ocean and sitting in the shadow of majestic mountains, Vancouver is a shiny, modern North American metropolis infused with a lighthearted candour. Vancouverites mainly live for the outdoors and nowhere is better for discovering British Columbia's awesome wilderness.

Photo credits:

4. Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland may not be New Zealand's capital but it is the country's largest city. From the pulsating waterfront, up through the busy Downtown district and into the vastly distinct suburbs and the glorious beaches, there isn?t an inch of the city that isn't thriving with energy.

Photo credits:

5. Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt am Main, is the dynamic and international financial and trade fair city with the most imposing skyline in Germany. The dynamic European city is a global village, a melting pot of cultures, languages and lifestyles.

Photo credits:

6. Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm is an undeniably cutting-edge and intriguing city. Spread across 14 islands on the waters of Lake Mälaren, the Swedish capital is a cool Nordic beauty with remarkable surroundings.

Photo credits:

7. Sydney, Australia
Sydney is the soul of the Australian surf, sand and sun. At the heart of the city is the harbour, one of the most beautiful waterways in the world; the curves of the Sydney Opera House shimmer in the sunlight and dozens of white sails float beneath the Harbour Bridge.

Photo credits:

8. Helsinki, Finland
Nowhere else in the world will you find a place where the trees outnumber the human inhabitants, except in Helsinki. Finland also has the largest family of islands compared to any other country in the world.

Photo credits:

9. Tokyo, Japan
Within the confines of superbly innovative and avant garde contemporary buildings, the Japanese have remained true to their heritage, preserving many aspects of tradition and culture. With its neon lights and unquenchable thirst for trends, Tokyo screams consumerism.

Photo credits:

10. Copenhagen, Denmark
Boasting stunning modern architecture, world-class restaurants and progressive designs, Copenhagen has much to offer. Despite being the largest city in Scandinavia, the quaint city somehow still manages to maintain a warm provincial, small-town atmosphere.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

myMetro | Maut bergumpal bersama dodol

myMetro | Maut bergumpal bersama dodol

DI SINI...mesin pengisar dodol terbabit.
POTONG...mesib pengisar yang mengorbankan mangsa selepas dipotong bomba.
POTONG...mesib pengisar yang mengorbankan mangsa selepas dipotong bomba.

TUMPAT: “Panas ni! Tolong la wei! Cepat, panas ni,” rintih seorang warga emas, Wan Zainab Wan Ali, 62, ketika ditemui bergelumang dalam mesin kawah pengacau dodol panas oleh anak saudaranya, Nik Roslan Nik Hussein, 41, di bangsalnya di Kampung Laut, di sini, petang semalam.

Kejadian jam 5 petang itu menyebabkan Nik Roslan yang mengumpulkan kayu api untuk diletakkan di bangsal itu tergamam sebelum melihat badan ibu saudaranya bergumpal bersama dodol di dalam kawah berkenaan.

Difahamkan, mangsa sudah dua hari tidak pergi ke bangsal itu bersama anak perempuannya, Zarika Mamat, 40, kerana kedua-dua mereka demam.

Bagaimanapun, Wan Zainab pergi berseorangan kira-kira jam 8 pagi semalam untuk mengacau dodol menggunakan mesin baru dibelinya Julai lalu, berikutan sambutan menggalakkan sempena musim cuti sekolah ini.

Hasrat pengusaha dodol terbabit untuk mencari pendapatan lebih, bagaimanapun tidak kesampaian apabila dia ditemui dalam keadaan menggelupur kepanasan di dalam kawah.

Harian Metro difahamkan, usaha mengeluarkan mangsa gagal dilakukan penduduk kampung kerana tubuhnya tersekat di dalam mesin berkenaan menyebabkan tugas menyelamat diserahkan kepada bomba.

Sebaik tiba, sekumpulan anggota dari Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Tumpat mengalihkan mesin itu sebelum mengeluarkan mangsa.

Mangsa yang mewarisi bakat mengacau dodol sejak turun-temurun dan mengusahakan perniagaan itu 50 tahun lalu, menghembuskan nafas terakhir ketika dibawa menaiki ambulans ke Hospital Tumpat dengan keadaannya berlumuran darah.

Nik Roslan berkata, dia terkejut mendengar jeritan seseorang ketika meletakkan timbunan kayu di bangsal dodol diusahakan ibu saudaranya kira-kira jam 5 petang semalam.

“Ketika itu saya kutip kayu api untuk disimpan ke dalam bangsal. Saya bergegas sebaik mendengar jeritan dan lihat mak cik sudah berpusing di dalam pengisar itu dengan keadaan tangan berputar.

“Saya segera mematikan suis mesin itu dan menjirusnya dengan air kerana keadaan terlalu panas dan mak cik meraung kesakitan,” katanya.

Nik Roslan meminta bantuan jiran untuk membantu mengeluarkan ibu saudaranya di dalam kawah dodol berkenaan.

“Saya panggil orang minta tolong, tapi mereka hanya mampu lihat sebab keadaannya mengerikan. Sebelah kakinya tersekat di batang mesin, manakala sebelah lagi terkeluar ke sebelah kiri kawah yang panas.

“Dua kali saya tengok mak cik berpusing dalam mesin. Orang kampung cuba bantu, tapi gagal menyebabkan mereka menjirusnya dengan air kerana dodol terlalu panas,” katanya.

Berikutan itu, katanya, beberapa jiran menghubungi bomba untuk membantu mengeluarkan mangsa yang tidak sedarkan diri.

“Dia dibawa ke Hospital Tumpat sebelum disahkan meninggal dunia oleh ahli keluarga ketika dalam perjalanan,” katanya.

Suami mangsa, Mamat Mat Nor, 66, berkata kejadian disedari ketika dia hendak menunaikan solat Asar dan tergerak turun dari rumah untuk melihat kekecohan di bangsal itu.

“Ketika saya hendak solat Asar di rumah, saya dengar orang bising di bawah dan turun ke bangsal untuk melihat apa yang berlaku. Masa itu orang ramai tengah kerumun dan jirus air seperti nak sejukkan dodol.

“Saya tergamam apabila melihat yang dijirus adalah isteri saya menyebabkan saya tidak mampu berkata. Sayu kerana tidak pernah kejadian ini berlaku sepanjang kami mengusahakan dodol,” katanya.

Katanya, sejak dua bulan lalu, isterinya berperangai pelik kerana terlalu sedih ketika menziarahi kakaknya yang mahu menunaikan haji.

“Isteri nampak lain ketika kakaknya nak pergi Makkah. Dia sedih nak berpisah sebab takut mereka tak berjumpa lagi,” katanya.

Sementara itu, Ketua Operasi dan Penyelamat Balai Bomba Tumpat, Yaacob Abdullah, berkata pihaknya menghantar enam anggota bersama satu jentera selepas menerima panggilan, jam 5.30 petang semalam.

Katanya, sebaik tiba jam 5.39 petang, mangsa masih terbaring dalam kawah mesin dodol itu dan orang ramai berusaha mengeluarkan mangsa, tetapi tidak berjaya kerana dia terperosok di dalam mesin.

“Bomba mengambil masa enam minit untuk mengeluarkan mangsa kerana terpaksa memotong batang pengisar dodol. Kami juga terpaksa meminta bantuan orang ramai memegang kepala dan kaki mangsa ketika memotong batang besi berkenaan.

“Mangsa ketika itu separuh sedar. Badan dan kedua-dua kaki serta mukanya melecur, manakala tangan kanan remuk akibat dipulas pengisar,” katanya.

Katanya, siasatan awal mendapati kemungkinan kain tudung mangsa terlilit ke dalam pengisar menyebabkan mangsa terhumban ke dalamnya.